Purple Hotness!!

Purple is intriguing. Purple is magical. Purple is distinctive. When this lip color is applied well it looks absolutely         AH-MAZING regardless of the tint or shade. But before you run out and rock your purple lips I must warn you…it can have the reverse effect as well…a Hot-Mess.  For those of you who have good friends, I’m sure she would pull you to the side and ask… What in the blankity blank were you thinking of when you put on that color? Ummm…Not a question you want to be asked especially when you think you look FAB. Here are a couple of tips to help you decide which purple hue is for you.

In the purple family you have your lavenders, mauves, blue purples, red purples and deep purples. For the sake of keeping this post simple, I will focus on the blue and red purples. In the photo above (right) is an example of blue purple lips. This has more of a mysterious and calming element of blue (add blush to warm up your cheeks). The photo to your left is an example of red purple lips. This has more of a passionate and adventurous element of red (pump up your mascara or add faux ones to add an extra flair to your look).

Now you are probably thinking…which purple will work for you?? Aren’t we selfish, but the truth is…it depends. I know… not the answer you expected, but work with me. In deciding the perfect purple shade ask yourself, What is the occasion? What am I wearing? What type of crowd is it? Get my point? There are other things besides the actual color to consider before choosing your shade. I will say this, a Lavender shade is completely safe, but why play it safe? Turn up the heat with a red purple hue and you will not be disappointed. xoxo


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Go for the Bold: Lips that make a Statement!

Ladies…it’s not only the Super Models or Wanna-Bees that can pull off this Gorgeous color. We too can have fierce lips. Bold hues are fun and add just the right amount of edginess to your ensemble. You can rock this color dressed up (suit) or dressed down (jeans and a tee) and still look fabulous.  If your not sure which shade to choose, try bumping up your everyday gloss a few notches brighter. Still S-k-u-r-r-e-d??? Then choose a bright, but less intense color (if that makes since). For example, if you adore red, but feel it’s too daring, then try a juicy raspberry pink (as shown in photo) to calm your nerves. Be sure to pick a color that SCREAMS your personality!!! Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be Fun, and Be Gorgeous!!! xoxo


*Amanda is wearing  smooth operator

How to Achieve Gorgeous Neutral Lips

I absolutely love neutral lip colors. It gives such a beautiful balanced look when worn with medium to dark eyeshadow and sun-kissed blushed cheeks. However, for the minimalist, applying the perfect neutral lip color with light mascara can look just as Hawt!!!! Below is a quick and easy guide to help you find and achieve your perfect Smucci pout.


  1. Identify the color of your natural lip. It will usually fall under these four categories: pale, medium, dark and two-toned.
  2. After identifying your natural lip color, choose a lip gloss that is one to two shades deeper in tone.
  3. Moisturize your lips with a lip balm (whichever brand you prefer). Make sure that you apply a thin layer to the lips, just enough so that your lips feel soft and moist.
  4. Line Lips with a lip pencil one shade deeper than the lip color for slight contrast and definition. For those that are heavy-handed, slant lip pencil sideways so that less product is applied to the lips.
  5. Apply your favorite Smucci gloss (Branda is wearing model chick) and blend. Depending on your preference, you can use a lip brush for a more defined look , your finger or you can apply color straight from the tube to your lips.
  6. Now your lips should be smuccilicious and ready to go. Find your  new favorite lip color here.



One of my Favorite Quotes

                                                 ”Hand me my purse, will you, darling?
                                                  A girl can’t read that sort of thing without
                                                  her lipstick.”
                                                                                   – Audrey Hepburn
                                                                                       as Holly Golightly In
                                                                                       Breakfast at Tiffany’s


* Image taken from: www.retrochick.co.uk/2009/11/16/audrey-hepburn-international-cover-girl/

Where beauty meets brains

We all know someone who is amazingly beautiful. You know, the one that has the wardrobe to die for or the one that has flawless skin and you just can’t seem to understand why she never gets any breakouts!!! In the back of your mind you’re wishing (with crossed fingers) that she would just get hit by a bus (just kidding), but seriously. Could it be possible that a woman can be both beautiful and smart? Yes my friend, although it is not the most popular, there are women who understand that both attributes are equally important. The Smucci woman is a confident woman who leads with her brain and mesmerizes you with her beauty simultaneously. Oh, I know, you’re probably thinking… on what planet does she exist? Do I really need to answer this question? What’s more important to ask yourself is…Is she you?? The balance of these arts is truly empowering to those who possess them and knows how to use them. When you know how to smuccify (which is making yourself super HOT!!!!! with smucci cosmetics) your best features while using your smarts, it boosts your confidence and opens the door to amazing opportunities. So put on your favorite stilettos, Smucci gloss (I’m wearing mine in plush pink …hehe) and carry on my friend, carry on.


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