Upload and set the theme.

Step 1 Uploading...

Upload Theme located within the files you downloaded, theme folder is "Diabolik".
Upload this folder to "wp-content/themes/" so it will look like: "wp-content/themes/Diabolik"

Step 2 : Activate the theme

After uploading the theme, go to Dashboard > Appearance > Themes and activate the theme.

Step 3 Wordpress settings

Go to Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks and in the Common settings, set the Custom Structure with : /%category%/%postname%/

Go to Dashboard > Settings > Reading and set the Front page displays to Your latest posts

Admin Panel

Define the theme settings

In the left menu of your Dashboard you will see the Diabolik Settings (under Appearance), click on it so we can start....

Dynamic Color

The Dynamic color is for all the colored elements like slider background, title of page background, link hover state and more...

Content bg color

That is the main color of the site.
Note: the color must to be light.. not too dark !


You can choose between 11 backgrounds or use your own background. To use your own background, select the custom option.

The background image must to be name bg_custom.jpg

You have to upload it in the images folder of the theme.


Font is for the titles and some other elements.

Fonts Text

That is the options for the text font of the theme.

Shadow Type

3 different styles of shadows.

PrettyPhoto Settings

Change the style and value of the speed...


Here you can choose the page of the website you want to display in homepage.

Blog and Portfolio Count

Change the value of the number of item you want to display in the blog page list and the portfolio page...

Blog Name

set this field with the name of your blog page. (view the Blog section before)

Blog Single Post Style

Choose the style of the single post.

Slider settings

Here we will set the slider...

Slider Type

Choose between Nivo slider , Grid, static or no slider in home.

The GRID use the portfolio items.

Nivo slider use the slider items.

Number of items

This field is required if you use Nivo slider.

Number of Grid items

This field is required if you use Grid slider

Nivo Slider Effect

Select the effect you want...


The speed is the transition speed between 2 images...

Pause Time

Pause between 2 images...

Start Item

Choose which item is displayed in first.
Use 1 or 2 or 3 or ...

Number of slices

This value is required for all effects others than Box effects..

Number of cols and rows

This value is required for all Box effects..

Arrow displayed?

Set this to display or not the arrows...

Arrows only hover?

Arrows only hover ? yes or no...


If you need the pagination displayed at the bottom of the slider or not.


Enter the title and your html code...

Google settings

Google Analytic

If you need to get the stats of your website from google analytic, just fille the field with the profile ID of the website you need.

Go to google analytic official website to learn more about it.

Website settings


Put the complete url to your logos...

Email contact

This email will be used in the contact form and it is not displayed on the website.

Slogan line

.... the slogan of the site..

Copyright line

.... the copyright line at the bottom of the site..

Error404 page settings

Error404 Title

Will be used as big centered title of the error page.

Error404 Text

the text if you want it... but recommended ;)

Not required.

Error404 Image

Please fill this option with the complete url to the image... image must to be 960x430px for a good render.

Not required.

Top Illustration settings


Title of the illustration, used in title attribute of the image

Image path

Url of your image.


Choose the texture overlay used on this image.